Institutional: know our history

The company

The ArtOuro & Gemas is a company in the jewelry and precious stones segment, arising from of the experience of Marcelo Gemas, a traditional company in the segment with international operations since 1986. The company has its headquarter in Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, an international center of the gems segment in the country.

Committed to quality and beauty of its gems and jewelry, the company has the complete cutting and jewellery infrastructures. We operate commercially in Brazil, United States of America, Europe and Asia.

The Brazilianness of the rare and brightly colored gems is always striking in the work of ArtOuro & Gems, turning jewelry and gems into fantastic works of art.


In 1986, the young couple, Marcelo Soares and Victoria Melo, began the activities of Marcelo Gemas Industry and Trade which went on to become one of the reference companies in the gems segment due to its seriousness and constant concern with the quality of  cutting process of its gems.

Over time, the Marcelo Gemas won its place in the segment due to its innovative cutting, stoning techniques and its high level of quality, which highlighted its gems around the worldwide.

Soon, the company also ventured in the jewelry segment, always following the same standard of quality, Marcelo Gemas’ tradition. The concern about cutting, faceting, buffed and polishing techniques brought great advantages to the company, which was capable of developing jewelry using the most beautiful Brazilian gems.


Nowadays, the ArtOuro & Gemas perpetuates Marcelo Soares’ dream, always seeking to offer the best products to customers, through its concern with quality, beauty and originality.

Our main features are:

Natural stones

This is the main feature of our jewelry: natural stones. We do not work with synthetic stones! We work only with Brazilian natural stones, choosing the best gems, with more vivid colors, and therefore, rare and admired around the world.


Our collections are remarkable because of their minimalist, pure, delicate and timeless designs, extolling all the beauty of the stones. The diversity of colors, cuts and shapes results in refined and exclusive rings, pendants and earrings.


All our jewelries are handmade by our artisans, from the cutting of stones, jewellery, riveting and polishing, following our strict quality standards. Because we work with rare and unique stones, it is impossible to develop a “mass production”. Each stone is unique and each jewel is exclusive!


We are strict in choosing raw materials, working only with 18K gold, also known as gold 750. All our jewelry are accompanied by guarantee and authenticity certificates, ensuring our precious stones and our gold.