Meet ArtOuro's history 

The story of a brand that overcame challenges and innovated, in partnership with a mother and daughter, the business of precious stones and jewelry around the world. A brand with the purpose of polishing the raw state of the gems, with the same care and respect that nature used to create them. Innovate and undertake in jewelry that enhances feminine beauty.

It all started in 1986, in the cradle of precious stones in Brazil, the city of Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais's state, where the young couple Marcelo Soares and Vitória Melo created the company that has become a reference in colour precious gemstones. From the beginning, Marcelo Gemas's Industry was concerned with polishing the business with great quality and seriousness. In the cutting of stones, the care and detail of a 100% handcrafted process has always preserved all the charm of nature.

The company grew and with it the appreciation of the Brazilianness of its stones. It conquered the market with the use of innovative cutting techniques, combined with the high level of its work. Technology and competence made the company growned. It didn't take long and Marcelo Gemas took a brilliant step, taking the original DNA and the perfect cut of the beautiful Brazilian gemstones, for rings, pendants and earrings. A new name, the same tradition and the company ArtOuro & Gemas, opened in the jewelry business. Once again, all stages of the cutting process were treated with the wisdom of those who know the importance of respecting the treasures that nature offers. In her honor, nothing is wasted. Check the principles that guide us during all our history:


We guarantee the quality of our raw materials, as they are all traceable. All of our gems come from reliable sources that adopt responsible market practices. We were recognized as an Ethical Member by the ICA.


We are a company led by women and we believe in equal opportunities regardless of gender. Discover our initiative “By buying a jewel with us, you donate dignity”. know more

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Nós adquirimos as pedras brutas no mercado normalmente de pequenos produtores, muitas vezes familiares. Todo o nosso processo de lapidação e de produção das joias é hand made pois acreditamos que o talento e arte são únicos e devem ser reconhecidos.


We use the fair price principle: the entire production chain needs to be remunerated fairly and in line with good market practices.