Our gemstones portfolio

We have a vast collection of gemstones, the main feature being the focus on brightly colored gemstones, natural, and therefore rare.


We offer a wide variety of colors of Brazilian tourmalines highlighting the shades of bluish green. We also offer bicolor gemstones, in different sizes and cuts.


The most beautiful and rare blue in the world belongs to Brazil. We offer unique, clean and rare stones! All of our gems are certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).


Of Brazilian origin, it is one of the most exuberant gems, rubellite combines magnificence, delicacy and sensuality. Our rubellites stand out for their intense tone that varies from pink to red.


Our collection includes unique and singular stones, pairs and sets perfects. We offer our customers gemstones of different sizes, shapes and in different shades of blue.


From Brazil, our morganita collection ranges from "peach/salmon" to pink. The highlights are the beautiful drops for earrings and pendants, oval stones for engagement rings.

Imperial Topaz

Our selection of imperial topaz is unique as we select and cut stones that are unique in the world. We work with stones that range from yellow, orange and pink to Brazil.


Our collection features the deepest shade of natural violet desired by the market. In addition to color, purity is one of the main characteristics of our gemstones


Its shades can vary between Brazil yellow, orange and, in very specific cases, the Red. The wide range of shapes and sizes stand out in our collection.

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Since 1986, we have assisted independent brands and renowned jewelry manufacturers around the world finding the perfect gemstone for their collections. We can help you too!

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